About us

Nordic Sabers is the end result form beginning with Ludosport ack in the end of January 2016. With that start and holding a light saber for the first time I knew that I wanted to give my first light saber when I got it a unique look so I started drawing on a new Emitter part that later became the Serenity Emitter that a lot of people liked. In 2017 I started considering of producing and selling the Serenity Emitter and looked on different ways doing it. That year at the Sedish National tournament in Ludosport I had the chance of meeting Daniele Maggi who is the person behind the first proper combat light saber used in Ludosport. then it took almost a year for me to get to the point to sell my first Serenity Emitter. So in March 2018 I started up Nordic sabers and a lot has happened since then. So what will happen in the future? not sure but I aim to follow my passion and dreams to see where it leads me.