Fall instantly in love with a saber that gives you a realistic feeling of a lightsaber with it strong durable blade developed for duelling, With to amazing strong colour the blade gets when ignited and strong and clear sound that changes when you swing or hit something.

Flash on Clash:
The saber is equipped with a system that flashes with a white light combined with a realistic sound effect when the saber clashes giving the saber a realistic flash on clash feature.

Smooth Swing:
The sabers motion sensors combined with realistic sound effects creates the feeling of smooth swing experience when wielding the saber.

Strong Dueling Blade:
By using a polycarbonate plastic in the blade giving it a strength and flexibility perfect for full on dueling, With its diffuse white finish that capture the LED´s light better giving the blade a stronger colour lightning effect on the saber.

Loud Speaker:
Equipped with a clear and strong speaker the saber give the saber a good realistic sound. Combined with a system where you can adjust the volume in the saber.

Blade Colors:
With the sabers RGB LED you get the full spectrum of the colours. You can easily change the colours on the saber to what ever you want.

Mobile App: With the Xeno Configuratior mobile application you get full control of all systems in your saber where you can easily change colour or sound on the go by connecting your saber using a Bluetooth connection.

Removable Battery:
The saber is equipped with a removable lithium ion battery that is rechargeable that gives a several hours of fun on each charge.

Charging: When charging the saber please use a 5V 1A adapter along with the charging cable that comes with the saber.
XRGB 3.0:

Blade: 12watt RGB LED with quite a bright blade.

Blade Modes: 3 different blade modes to choose from: Stable, Unstable and Pulse.

Sound Fonts: Comes installed with 16 changeable sound banks.

Customizations: With the XRGB 3.0 System you can add custom sound fonts to your saber.

Motion Controls: With the saber motion control system you can activate or deactivate the saber using hand motions with the saber.

Other Features: Drag/Lock blades, melt and blaster.

SD Card: The sabers soundboard supports for a SD Card but is not included.

Bluetooth: The XRGB 3.0 offers Bluetooth support. Using the Xeno Configuration app connecting your saber via Bluetooth, you can control and customize all systems in your saber from the phone.

Battery: Li-ion 18650 2900mAh.